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I just love all things beauty!From looking after my skin to making sure that i look gorgeous. I am a big fan of make up and i cant stop myself from buying. Its fascinating how a change of haisrtyle,highlighter and eyebrow shaping can change a look altogether. I just love to look and feel beautiful!!

End of Week 2

End of Week 2

The second week passed by so quickly and im still holding on to the routine. Cleansing my face properly with a cleanser, then tone, then if its morning apply my Hydro plumping Retexturising Serum  Concerntrate, then its followed by Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution and then my moisturiser. If its in the evening, i apply the Midnight Recovery Concentrate instead of the moisturiser. 

It is important that when you cleanse your face you also do your neck and your decollette. This have worked for me because i had dark lines on my neck and as i have continued with my routine i have also applied the serums there and my neck looks brighter as well and it matches my face and decollette!  My face is still glowing even this week and i have noticed that the dark spots that i have are getting smaller! I have felt so guilty to apply make up and i have noticed that the foundation that i bought a couple of weeks ago  is now a little bit darker because my skin has more of the yellow undertone. I have been walking around with just my skin and eyeshadows and mascara!

My skin no longer feels dry and dehydrated and its looking the brightest it has ever been. I also like the fact that it is so smooth to touch! I just want to touch my face :) :)  I thought i was going to have a pimple this week because you know how you get that bit of irritation and pain and you know its coming? Yeah, i got that, but i was surprised that it never came! I dont know if its the serums that helped or what because that never happened before but im happy it didnt happen!

My favorite product for this week is the CLearly corrective Dark Spot solution!Week 3 here we go! Lets see what happens next!b2ap3_thumbnail_20150706_142826.jpg 


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