End day one, confessions

Day one with only product comes to a close and it's time to get ready to bed down, 

Today I contemplated much about what a big part beauty products actually play in my life, using them is calming and almost borders on a morning and evening ritual, following the same steps at the same time every day, 

After just one day apart I am feeling down, 

All the body washes, Body scrubs, shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath for those days,

then onto moisturizers, it starts with a different cream for day and night for my face, 

then moving onto my hair, two drops of argan oil,

the body, normal cream for my back and arms, a cellulite cream for bust tummy and thighs, then anti stretch mark cream for my butt, and anti hair growth on my legs, an don't forget the anti-perspirant  

finally foot and hand cream!!! Wowsers!!! I never realized what a lot that was! 

And that is not even taking make up into account, 


I got a box and packed it all away in preparation for the week to come, then got box two and started on make up, my word.......

Two foundations, uncountable eye shadows, blush, lipstick, primer, setting powder and spray, a few eyeliners, Lipliners,  gel eye liner and more mascara than I have fingers, but with only one open!!! 

I cannot believe how many unopened products I have in my stash, with two an three of the same brand and color!!


This challenge has given me perspective, and tomorrow I will be sorting out all my make up, and taking the things I don't need, or just don't use(including some of clothes that are too big after my weight loss) to give to a ladies shelter, 

Just a day without my make up and I am left feeling down,

This beauty challenge has opened my eyes, hopefully my box of goodies can help other ladies feel just a little bit better!!!