Easy Summer Ombre Nails

Creating an Ombre nail might be easier than you think and today I will show you how to create Easy Summer Ombre Nails.

Ombre nails are really such a fun nail art look to create and even though it might look quite difficult, it’s actually really simple. I have created a few Ombre looks in the past and I usually combine a colour nail polish with a white, but today I decided to combine two of my favourite vibrant and happy colours to create this summer ombre look.

Easy Summer Ombre Nails look
Here is how I created this look and how you can get it:

Step 1 - Start by putting your two nail polish colours on a piece of paper or any surface that you don’t mind getting dirty.
Step 2 - Using a sponge applicator (I used my eye shadow sponge applicator), dip the tip into the nail polish. Make sure that the colour you want by the tip of your nails is on the right side. I try to get the colour 50/50 on the tip to get an even ombre effect.
Step 3 - Now you will apply the polish to your nail. I find it best to use a dabbing effect to get the first layer on, making sure I get the ombre effect on.
Step 4 - After the first layer has dried, you can apply your second layer to get a deeper colour and effect.
Step 5 - You can seal in your ombre look with a clear top coat if you want to.

what i used

Easy Summer Ombre Nails products Purple Polish: Essence 174 Purple Sugar
Blue Polish: Charlie by Revlon Gelicious {Oh So Chilly}
Tool: Make-up Sponge Tip Applicator