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Easy Glam Ombre Nail Tutorial

Easy Glam Ombre Nail Tutorial

 Easy Ombre Nail Tutorial


So  I am ABSOLUTELY fascinated and obsessed with Ombre Nails and have been looking for the easiest ways to DO IT YOURSELF


Im Amazed at how simple it really is and i thought i would share it with everyone here together with tips and tricks iv learnt and gathered:..


This is the Simplest of them All that i found 


What You Need 

  1. 2 Nail Polishes and a Top Coat
  2. A Sponge
  3. Q tips
  4. nail polish remover

Preparation Time

Well Good things take time and it depends on how how fast drying your nail polish is ... but estimation is around 30 minutes to an hour


b2ap3_thumbnail_ombre-nails-tutorial-1.jpg Its So Easy Any one Can Try it.... 


Heres some other Valuable Tips

  • any and all colors work and you're never restricted to just two.... go WILD :)))))
  • If you make a mistake and add too much of one color, all you need to do is dab a cue tip in nail polish remover and lightly removed the color to enhance the fading...
  • You dont need a lot of nail polish on your sponge... just a dab works wonders
  • Any Sponge can be used... even a bathing sponge cut into sections as needed... as long as it has a flat surface it will work
  • You may need to add two to three top coats as using the sponge creates a bumpy surface and your top coat evens that up
  • Clean up all excess nail polish from around your nail using your cue tip dipped in nail polish remover for the bigger areas and a small brush for parts closest to the nail in order to get the clean flawless finish


Take a look at my Own Trial on the Ombre Nails

First i tried them in Avo Green and Sky Blue!!!!

Loving Ombre With a Passion...



Have Fun Ladies

And Stay Beautifully Blessed

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