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Does the shape of your eyes say something about you?

Does the shape of your eyes say something about you?

'The eyes are the windows to the heart and soul' or so the saying goes but, could the shape of your eyes be saying just a bit more about you than you really thought?

Our eyes are such valuable assets, not only used for seeing but also, together with mouth movements sometimes, can be used to express our feelings and emotions which make them a great communicaton tool.

It is said that people can read your expressions and maybe even what you are thinking by staring into your eyes? I for one find that a little bit scary.

Nevetheless, it is a known fact that the shape and size of your eyes project something about you, maybe a little more than what you want to reveal?

So, if you have......

Big eyes



Your are a warm and welcoming person that doesn't like to idle. You enjoy conversation and usually a big romantic at heart.


Small eyes


Attention to detail is your greatest feature but, you tend to be a perfectionist in every aspect of your life. Beware of the green-eyed monster.


Almond shaped eyes


This is a very unique shape of eyes and I have heard Angelina totally rocks it. Usually associated with elements of mystery but, a babe in total control of herself.


Round Shape


These are the most common eye shapes and people with round shaped eyes are free spirited, free thinking and free speaking individuals. Not to mention very brave, bold, courageous and usually quite attractive.


I am sure there are many more eye shapes out there so have fun analysing your eye shape and what it says about you!








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