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Do you have lashes or lashies?

Do you have lashes or lashies?

Hey , my lovelies 


I am just hoping over to by DiscountExt" href="#68885811"> tell you all about my newest beauty experience. Earlier this week I had an appointment  at the Queen Bee Hair Boutique for some lash extensions. This was my very first time and was a bit unsure if it would suit me or be uncomfortable. I always wondered how I would look with it as I have tried by DiscountExt" href="#25177305"> applying my own strip of false lashes, but failed dismally. 



I am only writing this post today as it is my fourth day of having it and wanted to give you guys a fair and accurate inside look. Mainly because if you do decide to have it done you will have a clearer understanding of what it could be like however, still bear in mind that we are all different and you might just have a different experience. 

As I was saying, I popped into the salon and Monique Governeder (head stylist and beauty therapist) was ready to see to my needs. The salon staff was friendly as always and welcomed me with smiling faces. I entered the very relaxed beauty room and Monique explained to me the process before we commenced. After she complimented me on my natural long lashes she started by grooming my eyebrows which consisted of a wax and  eyebrow tint. She then started with my lash extensions which  was absolutely pain free. Monique checked which style I would prefer allowing me to choose between mink lashes  which is less fluffy and more straight (Kim k inspired) or if I would prefer a more fuller looking, curler set. We eventually decided on the fuller and curler set which now leads to no need to by DiscountExt" href="#60297214"> apply any mascara yay! Major time saver for Miss2Beesy 


I have been by DiscountExt" href="#55180710"> receiving loads of compliments from complete strangers in the street, family, friends and not forgetting you guys <3. My lashes which now are lashies lol transformed my entire look and enhances my face and the minimal make-up I wear. It makes my eyes look more appealing and flattering, but the best part is that it looks 100% natural. 


In order to keep your lashies in shape you need to maintain it just like any other part of your body. Therefore Monique recommended that when I do wash my face I need to carefully  wash around the eye area. I also would by DiscountExt" href="#52920256"> suggest that you do not rub your eye at all and use oil-free make up remover  wipes to clean the eye area. Try not to sleep on your tummy if possible as sleeping with your face down could damage your luscious lashies.


Queen Bee also has many other services that they provide along with hair and spa treatments. I will by DiscountExt" href="#18700451"> tell you all about this in my  next post.They are also running an exclusive by DiscountExt" href="#39690301"> offer on eyebrow wax,tint and lash extensions for only R350.00 throughout the rest of this month.This  last up to two weeks of glamorousness or more before you have to get it refilled as Lash extensions sheds along with your natural lashes. 


by DiscountExt" href="#65537049"> Thank youfor reading my post!

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