DIY has never been this easy

​Friday afternoon I played around with the Sally Hansen Nail polish Bridal bling R82.95 from Clicks which I received from Beauty Bulletin few weeks ago. I have used this nail polish just after receipt but the nail art did not come out as nice as this one with nude. This nail polish is fit for a bride, with a glittery effect on it and perfect for DIY nail art. 

This is what I used as follows for the look I wanted;
I applied two coats on 4 finger nails on each hand with the Essence nail polish wait for it to dry. Took out 1 nail art sticker and stuck it on my second finger on both hands and applied a clear nail polish on the stuck on nail art to seal it.

I then finished of the look by applying Sally Hansen nail polish from the cuticles to the middle center of the nails with a nail art fan brush.

It was so easy for me to do and was totally impressed with the end results. ​