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DIY Foot Scrubs

DIY Foot Scrubs

During winter, many of us often neglect our feet, when in fact this body part needs more care than usual because the dry winter air tends to dry our heels and harden even them more than before. There’s a plethora of foot care products in stores, but if you’re unable to rush out and pick up something you can easily make a foot scrub at home that will leave your feet feeling baby soft. You can make these scrubs using only two ingredients, sea salt or sugar and of course nature’s miracle worker, olive oil.

The sea salt or sugar acts as an exfoliator to remove the dry and dead skin from your heels while the olive oil will lock in moisture to keep them soft. You may also add essential oils to your mix. Each oil works differently so look out for oils that will suit your needs. Another popular choice is to add fresh or dry herbs such as mint or rosemary. You can also replace the olive oil with coconut oil, which is also very moisturising and good for your skin. Here are a few scrub recipes with ingredients that are easily found in your home.

Basic Sea Salt Foot Scrub

¼ cup olive oil or coconut oil

30ml course sea salt

Mix ingredients together in a bowl and store left over scrub in a tightly sealed jar. This scrub can form the basis for many other foot scrubs by just adding essential oils or herbs. Depending on the dryness of your feet, this scrub can last up to four applications.

Basic Sugar Foot Scrub

½ cup olive oil or coconut oil

1 cup sugar

Mix ingredients together in a bowl and store left over scrub in a tightly sealed jar. This scrub can last up to four applications.

Lemon Foot Scrub

1 Basic sea salt foot scrub

1 fresh lemon

The basic scrub needs to be prepared beforehand and once it is mixed squeeze the juice from the lemon into it and mix well. You can also use a fine grater to add a tablespoon (or less) or lemon zest to the scrub. This will last up to four applications.


In order to use your homemade scrub, first clean your feet then gently rub the scrub into your feet. If your feet are very dry, rub longer not harder. Rinse off with warm water, gently towel dry and apply heel balm. Then you’re on your way to having soft smooth feet!

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