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Disney nail art tutorial 2

Disney Minnie Mouse nail art tutorial 2!

Below is the second nail art tutorial for the ring finger.
You will need:
Red nail polish
Black nail polish
White nail polish
Nail art brush
2 tiny rhinestones(mine were too big, and made Minnie look a bit like a gremlin)
Base and top coat
Step 1: Apply your base coat, followed by the red nail polish.
Step 2: Paint the head with black nail polish. This took a bit of getting used to, never did quite get it right.
Step 3: Using your nail art brush, paint a white bow on the head. Again, if the black is overpowering use the nail art brush and nail polish remover to first clear the black in the shape of a bow, and then paint the bow. For the bow, I made the two side vertical lines first, and then the diagonal ones, and then filled it in.
Step 4: Add the rhinestones. I think my nail looked better without the rhinestones, but maybe if the rhinestones were smaller it wouldn't look so scary. I found when the rhinestones fell off, it looked better, you can see this in my original Disney nails post. The other option is to dot eyes with a dotting tool in white. Follow with a top coat!
Disney nail art tutorial 3 and 4
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