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Different uses for olive oil

Different uses for olive oil

Olive oil is an amazing natural product that is great for use in your kitchen but also in your beauty routine. Women have been using olive oil for generations and with a trend towards green and natural beauty products, olive oil is a must-have for your routine. Although extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is preferable, regular olive oil can also be used. Here are some tips on how you can add olive oil to your beauty routine.

Hair treatments

Olive oil is a great moisturiser and conditioner for your hair. It can be used on it’s on as a light or deep treatment or can be used as a base with a mixture of other oils and/or herbs.

Make up remover

If you’ve run out of eye makeup remover, grab a few cotton pads and your EVOO. All you will need is a tablespoon of oil that is ever so slightly warmed in a double boiler. The emphasis is on ever so slightly, as you don’t want it warm and definitely not hot, it should only be slightly warm so that the oil thins out. If you’ve made it too hot, put the cotton pads in the oil and let it cool before placing them on your eyes. Remove after a few minutes and wipe gently. Rinse with warm water

Body scrub

Olive oil is one of the key ingredients for DIY body scrubs. It moistures your skin while you are exfoliate. From your face to your feet, it is suitable for all body parts.

Cuticle oil

This tip I received from a Twitter pal, who said that olive oil is great for your cuticles. Rub it into your nails as you would normally.

Oil bath

Have you ever had an oil bath? If not you’ve been missing out! This works especially great if you love warm baths, which tends to leave the skin dehydrated. Add a 2-4 Tablespoons to your bath to leave your skin silky smooth. You can also rinse the petals of one or two roses and add them to your bath water for a fragrant and relaxing bath.



These are just a few of the many uses for olive oil. Do you use olive oil in your beauty routine? Let me know in the comments what you do with it. 

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