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Diary of a redhead - post 1

Summer is on its way in South Africa again. And for all us redheads that means the dreaded sun is hitting us full-force, no mercy.

Now don't get me wrong, I like sunshine and I know about all the benefits of getting a little vitamin D. But for me the sun is also a little painful at times.

I was born a redhead and for anyone else who happens to be one too, you know what it's like. Everyone seems to stereotype us as having the most sensitive skin on the planet. I cannot tell you how many times a little old lady would tell me "don't go in the sun; you'll get burnt" as a little girl. This would annoy me profusely firstly because everyone else was allowed vitamin D and fresh air but I had to be overly cautious because of my haircolour. Secondly, it would annoy me because they were wrong to stereotype the way they did. I didn't actually have overly sensitive skin, in fact my mother (who is blonde) would often burn before me as did many others with sesitive skin.

Nowadays though, I will admit I do burn more easily than most. I have an unfortunate skin-type that refuses to go brown until it has gone red and peeled. Just these last few years my skin has somehow become more sensitive than it was before. I can't tell whether it's due to that so-called hole in the ozone layer or if it's residue in my system from this medication I was taking a couple of years back. Maybe you can tell me. Comment on this blog if your skin is also more sensitive than it was 5 or 10 years ago. Maybe we can see what's causing this.

So, as to my plan for summer, I will be careful (but not overly careful). I will try and wear sunscreen even though it stinks terribly, makes everything sticky and the effects wash off (but not the stickiness) in the pool. I'll do it though not because of the little old ladies. I'll do it for my skin. Let's see what becomes of my plan in the next few weeks.  Will I have the confidence to tell you if I burn?

And as for those little old ladies (though not one of them will be reading this) I say, don't stereotype; it's wrong and offensive. Besides, you'll probably burn before I do. :-)


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