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Dermalogica Event (19 Oct 2013 )

Dermalogica Event  (19 Oct 2013 )

On arrival at Dermalogica on Wembley I was greeted with big smiles and was offered a glass of bubbly which I ofcourse I accepted. I love champagne/sparkling wine whichever is the correct term these days even though it gives me a horrible headache I cant refuse a glass or two.

We were separated into three groups , my group had the skin talk first. We got to learn more about skin which was very helpful  for example learning the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin, sensitive skin and sensitized skin all very interesting and gave me a better understanding when buying skincare products.

After the talk we enjoyed some snacks then led to the front where we did our own hand treatments. We were spoilt by the Dermalogica ladies as we got to use a R895 serum on our hands :eek: My hands felt so much better after as it was looking really rough and scratched up from my kitten, it was much needed.

While my group was waiting to receive our microzone treatment we were treated to some yummy sushi , how lucky we were :)

The microzone treatment is a quick 20minute pick-me-up type of facial.So its really great if you dont have much time but want glowing skin, its also personalized so its not the same for everyone, they'll use products specific to your skin needs.It was that time of the month topped with major wedding stress my chin and lower jawline was looking horrible but it started clearing up very quickly after the treatment.

I think they said it was R280 or maybe R260 for the microzone facial, either/or its quite affordable and I will definitely do it again.

Thank you Beauty Bulletin for this opportunity and gift as well as Dermagolica for the informative day and gift as well.

You are all amazing.







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