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Declaring War on Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

Declaring War on Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

Enter your text here ...Every single one of us wants a head full of gorgeous, full volume and shiny hair. Unfortunately, many conditions and issues can get in the way of achieving this and we don't all have the financial means to go for hair treatments.

Just the other day I had my hair day and was shocked when the stylist blow dried my hair straight. Where had the big bush of hair, I once had gone? My hair looked thin, limp and hardly recognizable.

From that moment on I declared war against thin hair and hair loss. My first assignment was to get hold of a good supplement to start treating the problem from inside. I changed my diet to include more fruits and veggies (will be staring my own patch soon) and my dad got me Resveratol which I take daily.

Second assignment will be to try a variety of home remedies; once every two weeks to takle the problem head on. After every two week treatment I will post feedback and move on to the next home remedy.

In part one, I will be trying the following home remedy:

1/2 cup olive oil

1/2 cup honey


I found this on a home remedy website and it is said that this will improve hair volume, thickness, elasticity and reduce hair loss.

should be used weekly.

Looking forward to winning the war against hair loss for good.

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