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Day #9 Pantene Repair & Protect 3 Step Regimen for normal-thick hair. A HOT MESS!

Today's hairstyle doesn't have a name at all, so I'm just calling it a HOT MESS. I was so loving my hair this morning and I just came up with this hairstyle... If that's what you can call it. Today my hair is performing the best its been for the past 8 days of my Pantene hair diary and I'm loving it.

There's no split ends, fly aways, dry strands, hard feeling or dull looking hair in sight. My hair looks and feels healthy, or is it my imagination? Seeing that I knew it would rain in Cape Town today, I kept my hair mask on this morning for a tad bit longer because usually in cold weather my hair feels brittle and prone to breakage. I have however managed to avoid it getting greasy again and it worked like a bomb. I found a way to keep my mask on longer but yet prevent it from becoming greasy. All I do is rub a tad bit of shampoo onto my hands and gently massage it in as I rinse the mask off.
Today my hair's got some extra shine in it and that's what I strive for in the perfect hair regime. I even got a compliment from a friend saying my scalp looks healthy despite all my hair colouring. My hair journey with Pantene continues tomorrow with some new and different (I hope) discoveries..

Here to healthy scalps and fresh smelling hair.
Love and hot messes!

Flip the Lid!
Pantene Repair and protect Normal- Thick Hair- Day...

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