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Day 6 & 7 - My hair experience with the Dove Colour Radiance range

Day 6 & 7 - My hair experience with the Dove Colour Radiance range

Hello ladies :)

Oh my gosh!! I haven't blogged about my hair the weekend!! I feel so ashamed!! Anyway, I forgot my laptop charger at work on Friday evening, and watched movies after I got home, only to realise I wouldn't be able to use my laptop for the rest of the weekend :(

So I so sorry for skipping on my blogs :(...Anyway, I do have pictures of how my hair looked the weekend.

So I decided to swim Friday afternoon, and as I said before, I have curly/frizzy hair naturally.

The second I got out the pool I sprayed on some of the leave-in-conditioning and care spray (Yes! I came prepared ('',) )...

I knew there was a chance that I wouldn't get to rinse my hair of the pool water so i desperately applied the spray so my hair wouldn't be too dry and brittle. 

On Saturday (23rd Nov) I washed my hair and used the shampoo, conditioner, and daily treatment conditioner. I decided to skip the daily replenishing mask as my hair felt soft enough after using the other products. And of course, I used my favourite of them all...the leave-in-conditioning and care spray to style. My hair felt soft but didn't look all that great. It had a frizz and not a curl, but I don't think Dove's main aim is to treat frizzy hair so I wasn't too surprised.

On Sunday (24th Nov) I left my hair frizzy and just added some spray to kind of put my hair back into the style. I went and watched the cricket so I decided to wear a peak cap. My hair looked 'okay', but frizzy hair isn't my signature look.


Today my hair's just pinned back in a bun and has the 'wet look'...this as well is far from how I like my hair, but hopefully my hair will look great once it's blow dried :)

Anyway, have a great one ladies...

Until tomorrow :)


My Dove Colour Radiance Experience - Day 3
Dove Colour Radiance

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