Day four

I am a big impulse buyer, I have a "stash" which I am sure a lot of ladies have as well. Anytime I see make up on 'special' or 'buy one get one free' or 50% off, out comes my wallet, that has lead to a rather large cache of products over the years, 

Having to use just my lip balm this week lead to me packing away all my products so as not to be tempted to use them, and only then did I realize how much I actually had!

This lead to deciding to give some away and snow balled from there!


So what started off as taking out from my make up stash the things I don't use for less fortunate ladies has turned into an all out family "let's help those less fortunate" week!

After sorting the make up I decides to sort the clothing too, after all it was just sitting in wardrobe with no one benefitting!

hubby saw me taking out all the clothing that is big for me, I was a size 34(68kg)but I have lost 19kg and gone down to a 28(51kg) so I have a lot of jeans and tops that are smart but too big, 

he decided to take out all the stuff he doesn't use either, 

And when my daughters saw they also want in on the action, 

We have all taken out the clothing we don't wear and each of us has also chosen one of our favourite clothing items to give away as well!

So we now have a box of make up, (half my stash) with half the stuff new and unopened, and two bin bags of clothing that are going to a orphanage this weekend! 

The BB challenge has lead to this as it opened my eyes to how much we actually have!!! Much more than we need or actually much more than we actually use!

Hopefully the girls at the orphanage will enjoy all the make up,


And even though I haven't used a lot of it, I found it hard to part with!