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Day 4 - Freshly washed

Firstly - I forgot to take a picture of my unwashed hair to show you the condition it was in after 3 days of not washing and working out...Sorry.

I decided to use only the Repair and Protect Shampoo and Conditioner for Normal to Thick hair only, and not the 2 Minute Deep Repair Masque as well, since I used it on Sunday. I really REALLY love how it smells, and the man even commented on how good I smell post-shower! I also really like that you don't need to use a lot. Of either. My hair is quite long (below boobies length), and I only needed to use half the amount I would normally use with other shampoos and conditioners. The shampoo makes a great lather, but it rinses out super quickly. The conditioner is epic though. It's the star. My hair tangles VERY easily, into demon knots that takes me 10 mins to comb through. With this conditioner though, I only need a little, and it kind of just covers every strand of hair, with minimum effort. I can immediately feel it softening my hair, and it feels so smooth. And it took me ONLY one minute to comb through my hair. Despite having had my hair in a messy, tangly bun. Normally it would have been such a drag, and painful too - but this conditioner is magic, people. Magic, I tell you!

I really love the results so far. I'm very pleased how soft and un-crunchy my hair feels now.

I will be doing the full treatment on Sunday, including the mask, and then straighten my hair when dry for Monday's work. Will let you know how it goes (and feels)!


Jennifer Lawrence Cuts Her Hair
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