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Day 20

Hi guys

I left my hair alone for almost a week - I didn't wash it again, and I didn't use any heat styling methods at all; I mostly just kept my hair in a loose braid or high bun. On Saturday I decided to wash my hair, and guess what? The softness is back! For the record, I didn't use the mask this time, only shampoo and conditioner.

I think the mask will be most effective when only used about every two weeks - otherwise your hair gets used to it too quickly I think. I think that's why the softness of my hair had faded a little, because I was using the mask too much.

I must add that I've been seeing a slight build-up, which is not good, however, it does kind of just "dust" off when it gets dry. Still something worth mentioning, especially if you wash your hair more regularly than I do.

I straightened my hair this morning before work, and it is very shiny, and looks much healthier than when I started.

Dove Colour Radiance
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