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Day #2 Pantene Repair & Protect 3 Step Regimen for normal-thick hair. Fly-Aways Tamed!

Today Marks Day 2 of my Pantene Hair Dairy. Usually on day 2 of my usual hair regimen, I struggle with "fly aways". We all have those stubborn hairs that just won't stay down.

I usually have to use bobbypins to keep them tamed. Today I decided to tie my hair up seeing that the wind is crazy and I wanted to see just how tamed my little fly aways are without any product holding them down.
I am now proud to say that THEY ARE DOWN! Even though I had a rocky start with the hairmask, I must say that it helped not only my dry ends but also my short front hair that couldn't stay down. On day 2 I also found that my hair is easier to comb out and not as tangled as other days. My hair also smells just as fresh as it did on the 1st day that I washed my hair.

Tomorrow I will be washing my hair again and trying a new approach to the hair mask. All I need is for my hair to not be as greasey as it was. I also have to admit that the 3 step regimen works great in conjunction with other hair products. Today I sprayed my hair with Batiste's dry shampoo just to soak up some of the oils and it worked like a bomb!

Check back tomorrow for my day 3 findings.

Pantene Repair and protect Normal- Thick Hair- Hel...

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