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Day 2

My hair still feels good today even after I did my workout last night and only rinsed my hair with water. (Since I workout every day I simply can not wash my hair every day, so I end up just rinsing it)

I will say that the soft effect that I felt yesterday after my wash and air dry is still there - not as much - but still soft. Which is very good, since I normally have slightly dry and frizzy hair after a rinse.

I can also note, that I have much less frizz than I normally do in general!

I'm attaching a post workout picture (eek!), and a picture of my hair today. You will see that even though I was quite sweaty (don't judge me!), my hair does not look dirty today. So I'm suggesting that the lasting cleansing ability of the shampoo is quite good. I did decide to go with my natural kink/curl to rock with my boots - think I look cool today!

More tomorrow.



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