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Day #15 Pantene Repair & Protect 3 Step Regimen for normal-thick hair. Beautiful and Healthy Hair Achieved!

So today marks my last day of my Pantene Hair Diary and what a journey I've had. I've been posting EVERYDAY for 2 weeks and I'm going to miss it (Ill be reviewing other goodies so keep an eye out for that if you'd like to read). I've been saying that I'm going to trim my hair for the past two weeks but because my hair had an amazing transformation, I haven't done it yet even though I should have.

In my Pantene Hair Diary, I've had some ups and downs but I've learnt how to use these three products and also achieve salon quality locks. I can truly say that I've been 100% honest in all my findings and if you're struggling with the same problem as me (Dry, Brittle & Damaged Hair) then this three step regime is definitely for you.
I've gotten so comfortable with my hair over the past 2 weeks, that I've even styled my hair less and embraced my natural hair more. One of my biggest problems were "fly aways" and I'm happy to say that I've overcome it. For my last hair diary, I decided to just go with the flow and create my new love affair of a hot mess. My hair feels greasy but it still looks shiny and smells AMAZING!

I can now say that my hair is not where I want it to be (first need the trim) but its miles from where it used to be. I absolutely recommend. This 3 step regime to anybody with thick and damaged hair. On day 15 my hair feels more manageable that what it felt in YEARS! Thank you Pantene and Beauty Bulletin for giving me the opportunity to use these amazing products.

Here's to...
Love, Healthy Hair and Forever Lovely Locks!

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