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Day #14 Pantene Repair & Protect 3 Step Regimen for normal-thick hair. Surviving the heat!

I have to admit that today I was bit worried that my hair would turn out an ugly mess. The weather in Cape Town was extremely hot with some crazy wind. We all know that heat + hair = a huge NO NO! So today I decided to put the weather to the test in my Pantene hair diary.

I was quite surprised to see that my hair handled the heat so well. Today my hair was exposed to heat, wind and air conditioning so I was super impressed to see that my hair could handle both hot and cold temperatures without it waving up or sweating into a mess.
Another thing that I loved is that when the sun shun onto my hair, I could smell wafts of freshness. My hair is still as soft as it was on day one of washing but definitely not as clean and straight. One thing that I've been noticing ever since using my 3 step regime is that I don't have to use additional products such as Moroccan Oil to keep my fly aways in tact and adding that extra shine.

Seeing that it was hot, I decided to tie my hair up with a mini braid. I also don't know when's the last time I used bobbypins on my hair... HAPPINESS! So tomorrow marks the last day of my Pantene hair diary, I can't wait to share my last day's progress with everyone.

Love and wind blown locks!

Pantene Repair and protect Normal- Thick Hair- Day...
Day 6 Pantene Normal-Thick Hair Repair and Protect

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