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Day 14 - final blogging day

Before and after pics are always good - until you're the subject!! Try not to laugh too hard, please?



This is what I looked like at the start of the trial on 2 May.  You will see that I have a number of freckles and a few other pigmentation marks.



b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG-20130517-WA000.jpgThis is what I look like today.  The most obvious thing that you will notice is that it looks like I need some sleep.  That is correct.  I have been up for much longer than is healthy - and this has been carrying on for a while now.  I'll sleep over the weekend, if I'm lucky.


Right, so to me it does not look like it did much work on my dark spots.  However, even though the Dark Spot Corrector did not work as promised, my overall skin tone looks more even and healthy.  I'm quite happy with it.

Day 13

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