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Day #12 Pantene Repair & Protect 3 Step Regimen for normal-thick hair. Riding the WAVES!

Today was the perfect weather in Cape Town to go to the beach, you're probably thinking "This girl never learns". I just couldn't resist but with my Pantene products by my side, I knew I'd solve my beach hair blues again.

Because my hair was actually clean, it felt like my hair was protected against the salt and I even still had shine in my hair afterwards which is rare after your hair's been flushed with salt water. My hair was a bit difficult to comb out but it was no biggie, I could handle it.
I'm also happy to say that my hair still smells a faint bit fresh and its enough to last me till tomorrow when I wash my hair again. I must admit that I washed my hair a tad bit too much this week than what I usually do so Ill definitely be toning it down a bit from here on. I think that washing my hair so much also might be the reason why my colour is fading faster than what I would like or prefer it to.

Tomorrow will be day 13 and almost two weeks of me using Pantene's 3 step regime.
Love and Beach Waves!

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Day #11 Pantene Repair & Protect 3 Step Regimen fo...

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