Day 10 - 18 - My hair experience with the Dove Colour Radiance range

Hi Lovely Ladies!!

Oh my gosh, I feel super bad for not blogging all week!! :(

Work's been so hectic that I honestly either forget, or don't have time to even log into BB :(

Anyway, I hope you all have been doing's what happened over the last week.


So, my hair's been frizzy/curly ever since my last blog (Haven't touched a hair dryer in 2 weeks!!). So far my hair's been looking great (in my opinion) and I'm loving the whole wash and wear thing. 

My routine for this past week was to wash my hair every second day. I used the Colour Radiance Shampoo, lathered, rinsed, and went onto using the Colour Radiance Daily Treatment Conditioner. After that, I used the Colour Radiance Mask, and boy oh boy...this has now formed part of my hair washing ritual. As you may know by now, I have curly hair, and when left to dry naturally it becomes knotty...The Colour Radiance Mask does wonders for this!! I don't even need to comb my hair.

I love the fact that I can use my fingers as a comb because combing breaks my hair, and also lots of hair tends to fall out. I know the falling out of my hair is most likely the dead hairs, but no lady likes to see heaps of hair being combed out :)

Anyway, thereafter I dried my hair and used my all-time-favourite Leave-in-conditioning and care spray which proves to be of excellence!!...Ladies, I had to get myself another bottle, as the one that was sent is now empty!!

So since I washed my hair every second day (doing my ritual), I'd just wet my hair and apply some squirts of the Leave-in-conditioning and care spray on the day in between.

I must say though, I noticed that my hair colour no longer 'runs' the water after washing and rinsing doesn't even have a hint of red in it.


So this is how my hair has been for the past 2 weeks...I now feel due for a blow dry :)