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Cucumber and SunFlower Power


The benefits of sunflower oil are surplus. Let’s have a look at its amazing benefits:

Sunflower Oil makes a great nourishing treatment for your hair. Combine it with your conditioner and the yellow of an egg to enjoy a nourishing conditioner.

Make your own sunflower bath oil by steeping some sunflower seeds in wheatgerm oil mixed with some geranium leaves. Leave for around a week and replace the geranium leaves every so two days with new ones. However, do not discard, add to your bayth to savour the oils. Store your home mase sunflower oil in a bottle and add a few drops to your bath.

Cucumbers are much loved everywhere:

Save the skins and use them to clean your face. Its also extremely effective in soothing and toning the skin and wokrs wonders to soothe shaved skin. Rub a slice over the affected area.

The slices can also be used to smooth wrinkles and fade freckles if applied daily as a nourishing treatment.       



Cucumber Beauty Diary
Sunflower Oil Pre-Shampoo Treatment

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