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Combating dry winter skin

Combating dry winter skin


I hate winter I’m not going to lie to you. Not only does it feel like my hands and feet are encased in ice blocks for three months, but I also suffer from terribly dry skin.

Now I never talk about this. I always feel awkward, but this year I feel I’ve overcome this problem and I have to share it with you in the hopes of helping other who suffer the same affliction.

Now when I say my skin it dry I mean from the tops of my head to the tips of my toes I have dry, flakey, grey looking skin that itches so badly I often feel like ripping it off. Even my hair gets dry and this year I have suffered from bad break outs. If you have ever felt like this you have my deepest sympathies!

That being said I feel like I’ve hit on a winning formula to keep my dry skin at bay. Here are some of my tips I hope you find them useful!

1.      Buy a humidifier. I cannot tell you the difference this gadget has made! My friends all laughed at me and told me I was a granny, but you know what, I have never felt this comfortable to far into the season and I give all the credit to my humidifier. It the moisture winter has leached back in the air. My skin hasn’t had that dull flakey look once yet. I only turn it on at night when I sleep and I firmly believe it’s helping my skin and hair feel a million times better. Also if you have a cold you can add some tea tree or eucalyptus oil to the device and it will help relieve congestion and lavender oil will aid sleep.

2.      Cut back on caffeine. I love my coffee, but this year I have made a real effort to cut back on the hot drink because caffeine is a diuretic which dehydrates you. Instead I’m drinking plenty of green tea and Pukka’s Cleanse tea as well as making sure I get all my water in. This has also made a huge difference.

3.      Cut back the temperatures. This year I have really made an effort to not use my electric blanket and heaters too much. My hubby installed panel heaters into our home so that the temperature is always pleasant and I take short warm showers. This is because hot water and the heat from electric blankets and such strip your skin of moisture. I do indulge in a hot bath about once a week, but then I make sure it’s loaded with water soluble oil to keep my skin hydrated.

4.      Exfoliate. Invest in a really good body scrub or dry body brush and buff all those dead skin cells from your body. This means that all the lotions and potions you apply will actually work where you need it. Also these have essential oils in them which condition the skin while you slough away the top layer and reveal your baby soft skin underneath.

5.      Moisturise. This is one of the biggest tips I can give. Put aside your lotions (they are a waste of time and money for those with dry skin) and go by a good hydrating cream. This will change your life! Lotions don’t have the oomph we dry skin sufferers need to keep our skin happy in winter. Good ole aqueous cream, Epizone A cream, body butters and dry body oils are the way to go. I love the Body Shop’s body butter and their beautifying oil for this task. And for a cheap but effective solution you can’t go wrong with aqueous cream. Save your lotions for the summer.

There you have it. I hope this helps you. Let me know what works for you!

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