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Clere Radiance Oil Control Beauty Bar

About Clere Radiance Beauty Bar: Clere Radiance beauty bar is enriched with a Super Fruit Serum to gently clean the skin, Citrus extracts to purify skin and Aloe Vera which helps with soothing the skin. Clere Radiance has a 3-in-1 formula which focuses on oil control and even skin tones. The skin will be protected with the Super Fruit Serum which provides anti-oxidants which in turn will limit the production of free radicals (which causes for inflammation and premature aging).

My Experience:The Clere Radiance Beauty Bar is a soap for facial use and I know every women would be able to use it no matter what her skin type may be. What I like about this soap, is that unlike other beauty bars` it did not leave my skin tight and feeling like I have just had some major cosmetic surgery meant to tighten my skin. NO!! Instead my skin is clean, smelling fresh and ready to be toned and moisturised. I am not a real big fan of beauty bars` as soap, means mess if you don't wipe it each time after you use it. Also, a soap requires a soap holder or bowl, and I very often am away from home, so a face wash does the trick. However, I must say for the price of approximately R9.99 this bar seems to have exceeded my expectations. I would definitely purchase it, should I find myself without a product/something to clean my face as I know it works well when it comes to cleansing my skin. Its a really gentle soap so I am able to use it in the morning and at night time. I absolutely love the lemon scent in this product as it reminds me of fresh lemon juice just squeezed. A downfall is that the lemon scent might be too overwhelming for some users. Personally, I don't like a product with too much perfume scent in it, as it might irritate my skin, but not this beauty bar though. ;-) What's a real big plus to me, is this Beauty bar is non-oily and I don't need to tell you ladies and gents what bonus that is right.The Clere Radiance range is available from major retail outlets, like Shoprite/Checkers stores.

Directions for use:-Wet your face with luke warm water,-Rub soap onto hands, a lather will begin to foam and build up (really rich and creamy in texture)-Rub onto face and neck in circle motions-Wash off with luke warm water, and pat dry face and neck.*I usually tone my skin hereafter with Clere Radiance Oil Control Toner and then Moisturise, with the Clere Radiance 3-in-1 moisturiser.

Would I recommend this product?Yes, I would. Based on the following reasons. The beauty bar cleanses my skin without damaging it, considering that I have a sensitive skin (I suffer from Psoriasis). Its not expensive at all, and it lasts for quite some time (my soap lasted for more than a month and I used it twice daily). I could see a difference in my skin, as time went on and it started to look really radiant and smooth (please note- I do use the other Clere Radiance products from this range-toner, moisturiser). Also, its available from most leading retail outlets. And most importantly, it doesn't leave my skin tight at all! For those ladies who love beauty bars` this one is a must with all its ingredients, your skin will be looking on point in no time. Here`s to Clere skin without breaking your budget! ;-)

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