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Vive le Chrysalis - Love your Skin

Vive le Chrysalis - Love your Skin

Bonjour! belles personnes, my face is all French - ed up or is it all freshened up after my exclusive Chrysalis Global Facial spa treatment yesterday at the 2014 Professional Beauty show held at Gallagher Convention in Midrand ; as I was one of the Johannesburg based Beauty Bulletin ladies chosen to review the Chrysalis Global Facial. 

Truth be told haven't had a professional facial in years besides my home made face scrubs plus exfoliation and all but that doesn't even compare to the Chrysalis Global Facial , so there I was excited as ever and with no make up on yes I left the house with no make  not even some eyeliner or what so ever just my serum and believe you me I did not care. The only thing that mattered was the Chrysalis facial and I just could wait. Got to the Chrysalis stall A18 it was and exchanged greetings and all but before the facial I was asked to fill out a consensual form - this is done so that the Chrysalis beautician and team can have an overview of the clients beauty regime and other related stuff. SKIN IS A VERY DELICATE MATTERS 


The Chrysalis beautician standing next to the this wonder machine known as the (Starvac DX TWIN ) called me over and asked me to take off my shoes and climb on the bed for my Chrysalis Global facial to begin, my feet were covered with a towel for that extra warm comfy feel plus some soft "spa" music playing softly in the background I was ready. 


Below picture : The Chrysalis beautician standing next to the Starvac DX TWIN machine


               Chrysalis Global facial includes the following 3 steps :

 - Facial cleanse and moisture plus 1st vacuum like suction treatment on my face with emphasis       on the eyes , around the mouth and lip area plus forehead and neck that felt like my skin was   being French kissed . 

 Moisture plus 2nd vacuum like suction treatment on face with emphasis on the eyes , around the    mouth and lip area plus forehead and neck using a different vacuum nozzle like object .

Moisture plus 3rd vacuum like suction treatment on my face  with emphasis on the eyes , around   the mouth and lip area plus forehead and neck - using a different vacuum nozzle like object .

- I was given an extra pamper on my nose as I have a little scar there - treatment also assist in skin rejuvenation and decreases the appeareance of scars and eliminates imperfrction with no neddles no pain, merci Chrysalis

My experience

The whole treatment took 25 minutes and during the treatment I swear my face felt so soft or was it the beauticians hands, ooh well the feeling was mutual soft skin and soft hands. I was handed a mirror to see the results , honestly I was amazed and my first question was "hope this mirror is real?". I could see a difference and felt a difference after all it was as if my face was given a proper carpet clean session with the vacuum and all. 

According to the Chrysalis team

- The particular treatment is best for young people from the age of 26 and 35 years

- Cost approximately about R 6500.00 for 6 sessions that promises ultimate anti aging results and a glowy skin. 

- A session can take about 25min, 20min and 15min

  - The 1st South African Chrysalis spa will be based in Hyde Park Johannesburg and the official opening will on around the 5th and 7nth November 2014 , would like to attend and more  


Merci @BeautyBulletin and #ChrysalisSA for this MAGNIFICENT pampering and anti aging experience - now im ready for spring 


Location (Map)

amazing treatment
My Spring look of the day

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