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My First "DIY" Nail Art Experience (beginner)

​Hi Ladies

I've watched tons and tons of nail art videos over the years on You Tube & Instagram and it looks so easy and effortless and so quick! So after much contemplation, I decided to give nail art ago (very brave, right?). I chose a Christmas theme- red and gold. By no means am I a "nail art" professional, I'm just learning the art- so this is what I did... 

You will need: 

1) Prep: 

-Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover 

-Sorbet Cuticle Cutter -

Any Cuticle remover tool 

2) Colour: 

-Essie All-In-One 3 Way Glaze (Base Coat) 

-Max Factor GlossFinity Nail Polish in Burgundy Crush 155 

-Yardley Gel Lac in Gold Dust -Rimmel Finishing Touch 3D Plumping (Top Coat) 

3) Tools: 

-Dotting Tool 

-Nail Polish Remover 

-Cotton Swabs 

-Plastic Container 

-Gel Brush 

-Eyeshadow applicator bud 

STEP 1: 

Cut, file and buff nails and ridges. You first want to make sure your nails are clean, so I used the Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover to soften my cuticles, then used a cuticle remover tool to push back the skin and final used a cuticle cutter to remover any leftover pieces. Next, wash your hands with soap and warm water (before any nail polish application I always do this). Then wipe your hands and take a small amount of nail polish remover on a cotton swab and basically wipe all your nails. By doing this, you remove any oil on your nails and dry the nail bed so that your nail polish has a good foundation.


Your hands and nails should be completely dry now. Then apply 1 coat of the Essie All-In-One 3 Way Glaze or any base coat you have ( I prefer the Essie 3 Way glaze as its a base coat, top coat and strengthener). After the base coat dries, apply 1 or 2 layers (depending on what finish you want) of the Max Factor GlossFinity Nail Polish in Burgundy Crush 155 and Yardley Gel Lac in Gold Dust onto random nails. Now this is where the fun starts, take your dotting tools (if you don't have a dotting tool, you can use a tooth pick or bobby pin) and start making dots, stripes, basically anything you want. Then take a your eyeshadow bud and dab gold or red on your nails, or create a Christmas french manicure. Its totally up to you. You want to use colour a on top of colour b and vice verse. Tip: This nail art works best with 1 light and 1 dark shade nail polish. 

STEP 3: 

This is the hardest step! Apply the Rimmel Finishing Touch 3D Plumping Top Coat or any top coat you have. I was looking for a gel like finish, so I used the Rimmel and found it dries my nails quicker, if you looking for a matte finish - go for a matte top coat. Now....we....wait! (I told you this was the hardest part). Then once all your nails are dry, I like applying either a Cuticle Oil or a hand cream- I'm loving the SpaRitual Cuti-Cocktail and The Body Shop Frosted Plum hand cream.

I really went crazy here, but it was so much fun!  Check out my first mini video on Beauty Bulletin on the tutorial. Give it a go, I'm sure we'll all end up as nail art pro's! 

Til next time beauty lovers! 

Prenisha xx

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