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#ChangeYourSkin Challenge with Kiehl's Diary

#ChangeYourSkin Challenge with Kiehl's Diary

I took part in the Kiehl's 28 Day #ChangeYourSkin challenge with  Zaahirah Bhamjee from Complete Disbelief.  These are my experiences with the 2 products I was sent

First Impression - Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate:
I carefully read the directions on the box, something that stuck in my head: You may experience a warm sensation, now this concerned me a bit, the rest of the directions said apply to clean skin. I wasn't sure either if I should use my toner and my moisturizer but I found a video online and I was set to use my Kiehl's for the first time.

I have been using a skincare range that is said to help with pigmentation, so I stopped this regime for now and reverted back to a more basic range for the duration of the 28 days so I can experience the full effect of this product. I washed and toned my skin and pumped two pumps of the Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate onto my fingers and applied it to my face in a circular motion, it smells - in all honest - like a bag of oranges! I liked the smell though. The warm feeling didn't feel at all like I expected, it was barely noticible to and my skin already feels really soft.

First Impression - Midnight Recovery Concentrate
I found another really helpful video on how to use and apply this concentrate, this time there where nothing scary in the directions, I have to give Kiehl's a huge thumbs up for having video's on how to use all of their products! Sometimes a girl is just not sure...

I followed my usual evening regime by washing (with a more basic face wash) toning, I dropped 3 drops of this oil into my hand and dabbed it onto my face as shown in the video. I didn't have any strange sensation and the scent was very subtle. I followed it with the Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, I didn't apply a night time moisturizer, my skin didn't have any oily residue so everything absorbed rather fast. I really love this bottle with the dropper it makes me feel like royalty! Now for my literal beauty sleep......

How the rest of Week 1 went!

For the first week I opted not to use any makeup from the Monday - Friday

I am really enjoying these two products and I am really proud of myself for not slipping up one night with my skincare regime.  I have noticed a big difference where I usually have dry patches on my forehead.  When I would rub with my fingers over it would feel rough, but now it feels soft and smooth.  I have seen a huge difference as well in the sizes of my pores, they are not perfect yet but I have seen a significant change in their size, from what I called big black holes, they are now more the sizes of pin heads and all the blackheads I used to struggle with has nearly disappeared.

I have however noticed by day 4 that in the evening my nose is a bit oily so I have reduced the number of pumps for the Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate from two to one and I used a face cream if I know I am going to be in the sunlight for the SPF. 

Week 2

Wow I can't believe we are at the halfway mark with this challenge already! I am loving these products more and more each day. I turned 31 on Thursday and I am celebrated with amazing looking skin thanks to Kiehl's!

In week 1 I mentioned that I noticed some oiliness on my t-zone area and that I reduced the amount of the Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate I was using, I adjusted it again and now I think I found the perfect balance. I use two pumps in the morning with my BB cream and one in the evening together with the Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

My skin feels really smooth and supple and I am noticing a slight improvement with the appearance of the fine lines around my eyes and forehead. I am still really impressed with the improvement of my now previously large pores and how clear my skin is! Another improvement I've noticed is with the melasma (pigmentation caused by prolong usage of birth control medication) I have below my left eye, it wasn't very severe, still very light, but now it's hardly noticeable. I had one blemish forming but it quickly went away (within two day) with the use of these two products. I usually have a small breakout around the first week when changing to new skincare products but I didn't have that problem with the Kiehl's. I have noticed as well that I wake up in the morning looking refreshed and youthful thanks to the Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

I experimented this week with my BB cream and together with the Kiehl's, it created a really smooth mat look. I am including a before picture and an after 2 weeks picture with, and without makeup.

Week 3 

I've been staring at myself in the mirror keeping an eye in each and every fine line on my face to admire the improvement but this update however is a bit more about the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I had a tiny little breakout at the start of the week, must be my skin rebelling against this really good skincare it's been getting!

But thanks to the Midnight Recovery Concentrate the little pimples and blemishes healed within three days, that to me is proof that this MRC really does assist my skin in healing while I'm asleep, usually I would be walking around for about a week hiding the skin rebellion with some BB cream and concealer.

I am still experiencing some oiliness on my nose but it can be due to the fact that my glasses stimulate my nose area by sliding down a lot, but it has improved, and as you can see from the Day 21 picture my skin has a really healthy glow!

Week 4 and final result

I can't believe how fast the 4 weeks went past and that today I am at day 28 of the #ChangeYourSkin challenge. Firstly I just wan't to say thank you to Zaahirah and Kiehl's for the opportunity to try out these two amazing products and I will continue to change my skin!

I've seen that these two products are really pricey but if you see how much is still left in each bottle after 28 days and how well it works it's really worth it. Here is a little recap of how the Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate and Midnight Recovery Concentrate changed my skin.

My pores are much smaller than before I started on this journey, the amount of blackheads I had on my oily t-zone is much less, I've noticed a huge improvement with the texture of my skin, it looks and feels extremely smooth.  The dry patches I had on my forehead is gone.  My skin tone is much more even as well and looks radiantly glowing and healthy, the redness that I had between my eyes is much better as well. The appearance of the little bit of pigmentation I have below my eye is much better and it's nearly not noticeable. Last but not least, I've noticed an improvement with the fine lines and wrinkles that has been appearing on my face lately, they are less noticeable, especially the one between my eyes and forehead!

The only downside  for me is that I'm still struggling with the oiliness on my nose but I am now convinced that it's because of my glasses stimulating the area as it slides down a lot as the oiliness I had above this area is now under control.

What I love about the Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate:
After the slight burning sensation stops my skin feels really soft and nourished and it provides the perfect base to apply a BB or CC cream over and leaves you with extra smooth glowing skin.

What I love about the Midnight Recovery Concentrate:
After over exfoliating, yes I don't know what came over me, I think I was really tired, this concentrate helped my skin recover in a few short days and I am really impressed as well of how fast blemishes heal and disappear.

I would definitely be purchasing these products again, if my budgets allows of course and I will recommend it to anyone and everyone . If my word is enough just take a look at the picture proof!


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