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#ChangeYourSkin Challenge one

#ChangeYourSkin Challenge one


Hi Beauties,

My name is Sophia and I am 31 but certainly look much older than my age due to bad skin and acne. Being a full time mom to a 5 year old, part time book keeper and new blogger, I certainly do have that extra time to take care of my much needed attention skin. To be honest I really tend to shy away from photos, as I feel embarrassed to show my skin. When I do go out, I plaster on foundation to hide my flaws.

When I received a call from the lovely Shannon from Beauty Bulletin to tell me that was one of the chosen, I was really ecstatic and petrified at the same the time as I would have to bare to my skin to all. But I thought to myself this is an opportunity never to be missed by these world renowned products by Kiehls and I felt that Beauty Bulletin must be my fairy god mother as my wish was just granted.

I have really dry skin specifically around my nose area and cheeks. I have had breakouts of adult acne and scars (dark spots) that remain are quite visible on my face. Enlarged pores and fine lines around my eyes are also a problem for me.

Here is to hope of dehydrated and uneven skin tone a thing of the past.

I received -

1. Kiehls Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Treatment.

- Clear glass bottle with a glass dispenser. Perfect for getting the exact amount of drops as required. Also ensures no wastage. Soft scent. Easily absorbs in the skin.

2. Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate

- A very gorgeous blue glass bottle with glass dispenser, to me looks like a royal product. Scent not over powering and easily absorbed in to the skin. Leaves no oily residue.

3. Kiehls Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate

- plastic bottle with pump dispenser. Lightly fragranced. Easily absorbed in to the skin.

Overall quite impressive packaging and scents. None that is to overpowering and all absorbs really well in to the skin.

So week one let’s do it :)








Kiehl's #ChangeYourSkin Week #1
Kiehl's #ChangeYourSkin Challenge - Introduction

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