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[Challenge 1] Week 3 - The Art of Makeup

[Challenge 1] Week 3 - The Art of Makeup

The Third Challenge!


#OutOfYourComfortZone:  The Art of Makeup

Always wanted to look like a total vixen but cannot do winged eyeliner to save your life? How about every time you try a smokey-eye application you turn out looking like a panda instead?

This week we want you to try a makeup application that you find difficult to do. THE CHALLENGE IS ON!

Challenge Accepted!

So this weeks challenge is to do a makeup application that I find difficult to do, well there are a couple but I picked one! Until recently I have been wearing mainly eyeliner and mascara and full makeup only when I'm going to a wedding or some other event, but I am using full makeup now more often.  One makeup application I have tried previously is to apply makeup colours that makes my eye colour pop without success.  I sometimes have blue eyes and sometimes they tend to be more on the green side but because the blue is the main part I decided to do colours to make blue eyes pop.

I used a makeup tutorial by Lauren Curtis which you can watch here: How to make BLUE eyes POP

I used a brown shimmer palette, I think I bought it from Signature cosmetics, I used Garnier BB cream as the primer with a white shadow as a base and a Yardley highlighter, I don't have a brown/bronze eyeliner so I just skipped that part and here is the final look:




Seems like my eyes decided to go a bit more green today, but, what do you think ? Are they popping?


Brilliant Brunette Winner!
#outofyourcomfortzone nails

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