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Challenge 2 Week 1: Say Ciao to your Brow

Challenge 2 Week 1: Say Ciao to your Brow



Welcome to week 2 of my monthly challenge dedicated to Taming and Shaping Brows.


I have never had any joy with mine, always growing reckless, full and thick, what a nightmare.


And coarse..................  ugh made me soo angry.


Have you ever tried a razor to remove excess hair from eyebrows?



Wow, what an encounter, I ended up with bruises and blisters and I said enever again. Its quick but very dangerous so this isa no go area.


Threading I discovered by chance when an colleague of mine went to have her eyebrows professionally donet at a salon.

Eyebrow threading is a preferred hair removal technique for a number of reasons. Unlike tweezing or plucking, eyebrow threading removes one clean line of hair all at once, making it much quicker and easier to shape the brows.



Just make sure that before you go for this, you have assessed your level and tolerance to pain as this can be excruciating. I nearly cried.



Finally... my persoanl favourite, the much loved tweezers:







Was very sceptical about using these in the beginning but, since threading beacme too much effort I invested in a good pair of this for those heavy eyebrow days. These are economical and easy to use but, I do apply some form of lubrication like bably powder or tissue oil just before the tweezing starts.

Warning: Can be excruciating if not attempted before. I found it quite painful.


I don't have any pictures of what my bushy eyebrows look like right now because they are already done, but, will upload the finished product pictures.


When it comes to framing the eyebrows, I think it is soooo important to shape the eyebrows to match the face. I find that by removing just a little hair from the top and bottom creates a lovely and high arch that compliments my face instead of removing too much hair and makes my face feel naked and exposed.


Hope you have enjoyed reading my blog.







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