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​Winter is a whole other game changer when it comes to our skin and hair, and for naturals like myself, it means caring for your hair even more than in summer. And let me tell you its not easy. Winter brings with it colder weather, and its not easy, keeping your hand on your hair, and looking its utmost best. Not only is it cold getting out of bed, but its worse when you have to wash your hair, involving, a complete routine of styling and products, and then still having to wait for it to dry.

So here`s a couple of thing you should do in winter to care for your natural hair.1. Stock up on Rich Conditioners, moisturisers with extra protein and cholesterol treatments. Yes, protective styling in winter is great and everything, but do not neglect your regime, and treatments as most people do, which does more harm to your natural hair, than good. Remember, those deep conditioning treatments, replenishing your hair and scalp, promoting hair growth and strengthening your hair from the inside out.2. Steam your head of hair. I know it might sound strange to some, but it works. Steam opens up hair follicles, allowing for absorption of more nutrients and moisture. Just think of what conditioning your hair, with steam, could mean for your hair. Soft, smooth, moisturised hair which is better to manage and style right.

3. Massage your scalp - Make use of oils / hair food/ hair sprays to section/oil your scalp, leaving it relaxed and stimulated, for growth to happen naturally. My favorite oils are jamaican black castor oil and coconut oil, as its easily absorbed into my scalp, and doesnt produce as much build-up when it comes to my low-porosity hair.4. Time for a trim - now ladies, im sure you know the importance of trimming your hair regularly so I wont get into that right now, but just to mention split ends can run up the shaft, causing not only breakage but also thinning, so its important to get snipping. For me, i just took my braids out, and its the first week thereafter, so the knots were so real. However, this weekend im due for a snip, and I actually cant wait to see the results. 5. Try and avoid heat styling - I know at times in winter its difficult to not use heat to get your hair dry, as with me, my hair is thick, so I almost always have to use a dryer to dry my hair. But get on the clever boat, and change your heat setting to its lowest, and always use a heat protectant, that way the damage to your hair if any, will be minimal.

Hope these tips help you, as much as it does for me, when it comes to your natural hair and winter care regime.

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