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Calling all Perfume Addicts!!

Calling all Perfume Addicts!!

As I was sitting wondering if I'm the only one that is constantly wanting a new bottle of perfume!  I thought I can surely not be! Are you a perfume addict too?  

I'm constantly on the look out for a new addition to my perfume collection!  And it's gone a step further to perfection, I know it sounds mad but the scent of the perfume is not the only  deciding factor on if I'm gonna buy it or not! Iv found myself judging perfume on the bottle it comes in,not only do I want to smell nice but I also want my perfume shelf to look at beautiful as it can! Tall ones, short ones, odd shaped ones, ones with frosted bottles or colored liquid... As long as it's pretty it's already on my list regardless if iv smelt it yet or not! 

Then there is me wanting to own one in every different scent category there is! Spicy,sweet,floral,musk,vanilla,fruity... List goes on. I need to have them all available in case the mood calls for it or if the weather is cold and calls for a warm scent. Am I the only one? 

Iv paired my Fragrances with different moods and uses . If I wanna go for a jog i go for something with energy like dkny energizing women, if I'm feeling down its something light and floral and summery like coco chanel Mademoiselle. My night time romantic with my husband scent is Victoria secret Gold and my fun go for drinks with the girls scent is jean Paul Gaultier madame. 

Scents are linked to memories!  Have u ever smelt something u haven't smelt in a long time and instantly had a flash back memory?  I think it's important for a girl to smell good all the time just in case there are memories to be made!! 

Regardless of the price, if it's on my list of wants I'll make a plan to get it. Have u got a perfume wish list? 

A girl can never ever have enough perfume!!!!!!!!  

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