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Callendra Intense Cover Foundation

​Let me start off by saying I am an Estee Lauder foundation snob, and sometimes just  to change things up I used Clarins everlasting foundation. Apart from that I basically turned a blind eye towards any other brand of foundation. If it is not broken, why try to fix it kind of attitude. What I used work for me, so why change it?

So my friend told me about this hype she's seen on facebook about some sort of foundation and she told me she purchased it and it works like a dream. My friend does have high standards so the sleuth in me decided to hop on over to facebook. What I got from reading there was that there are equal negative as positive reviews on their page. The negativity all pertains to the demand and with the lockdown that caused a delay there seemed to be logistical issues. Not one negative comment relating to the product itself. On the flip side, the positive reviews sings praises of the product all from other Estee Lauder snobs like me. 

I caved in. And purchased. Took a week to come, but it so worth the wait. For R200 you get the foundation and powder set. Daunting when you open the courier bag and see the size, BUT  and this is a huge but, it might be small, but it packs such a punch that a little goes a very long way. 

The foundation is a bit hard in the pot but a quick zap with my hairdryer and it is the correct consistency. I dabbed my beautyblender in the pot once, and it was enough to cover the left side of my face. Another dab was enough for the right hand side of my face, and one last dab for my forehead and blending. Coverage is full and it sits still untill bedtime. The powder compliments the foundation perfectly and did not cause any settling in my pores. 

When I usually use a new foundation I struggle with a breakouts around the third day, and with this product there was non of that nonsense after a week of using it. I do not have all the details but understand that the product is produced locally in Pretoria by a lady named Callen. Well, hats off to you for making me put aunty Estee in the cupboard. Not to mention you made me save some hard earned money during a tough time for everyone. I really like your product. Would I repurchase again? Big YES. 

You can find it at for a mere R199. Go on, give it a try and let me know what you think. 


PS: I do not know for the life of me how to get my picture file sizes smaller in order for my pictures to be uploaded. Apologies for that. Just go and check out their website. 

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