Bye Bye Dry, Itchy Scalp

So, yesterday I just about had enough of this dry, itchy scalp of mine, it was driving me insane. I tried everything and nothing worked.


What Causes Dry Scalp?

The most common cause of dry scalp is dry skin, especially in the cold winter months, when the cold air outside is being countered with excessive heat indoors. It can be caused by shampooing too much (causing irritation from the shampoo) or shampooing too little (causing an excess of oil and skin cell buildup). Contact dermatitis occurs when the scalp dries out due to sensitivity to hair products and becomes red and itchy. Alkaline soaps can also trigger dry scalp.

Dry scalp tends to be quite itchy. Frequent scratching can lead to breaks and bleeding in the skin. Any kind of skin break is inviting bacteria, such as strep and staph, to enter and cause infection.



so, I decdied to make my own remedy, details below:

I started off by applying some cocnut oil to my scalp and allow this to set for a while. Then I seeped some Annique rooibos teabags and rosemary leaves in some hot water for about an hour.

There was some avocado at home, so I mashed this up, added some lemon juice, oilive oil, the rooibos rosemary water and mixed it all well. I proceeded to add this mixture to conditioner and shook it well.

After some time, I massaged my concoction into my hair and on my scalp while sitting opposite a window that has great sun light. I felt immediate relief and it was like this 'new' conditioner went straight to the problem and started soothing it carefully. What a great smell; my hair smelt like fresh oranges, peach and roses. My husband was even commenting on how great it smelt.

Kept this on for about 1 hour and washed it off in the shower. As a rulde I no longer blowdry hair and use rollers to allow my hair to dry naturally. When they came out, talk about silky and soft hair, wow! My mixture had cerainly done its job and more!!!

Here are some more home remedies:

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