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Budget Buys according to Tzar #FridayPrizeday

What? Another interest rate hike?

With tough economic challenges and having to tighten 'My #beautybelt' things are just becoming unbearable.

So, I took it upon myself to compile a list of 10 beauty budget buys every girl needs (to cope during this tough economic cycle):

1. Firstly, I do not go anywhere without my Vitamin Water Lippies (under R 20 from takealot). Nourishing, moisturising and SPF factor to keep my lips looking great.

2. Love her madley spray by revlon (R 17, 99 at Dischem). Refreshing, smells great, awesome for day wear and the perfect fragrance for any girl. Suitable for day and night wear.

3. Pantene Moisture Souffle (Often on sale for R 39,99 at Dischem. I simply cannot do without this. When it's on special I grab 5 bottles, at least. My hair gets very dry and when I am lazy to style I just slap a dollop of this mousse on and I am good to go.

4. Garnier Dark spot corrector (Retails at between R 100 to R 150 at Dischem or Clicks. I loved this since the first day I received free samples from BB. It sends pimples and dark spots packing and leaves skin clear (after about a week). Follow up with a good moisturiser. Great skincare and not too heavy on the pocket either!

5. Bio Oil(various outlets, retails at just under R 100). Nothing beats bio oil and its uses are unlimited. From stretch marks, to dry skin, dry heels and elbows, scars, basically anything. I always try and keep a bottle handy, especially in winter, when my skin gets super duper dry. Love this!

6. Coconut Oil: (Available anywhere and price varies) I must ensure that when I go shopping I always pickup a big tub of this. Coconut oil makes a fantastic hair treatment for any hair type. From time to time, my hair has 'moodswings' and I struggle to style it. Simply warm some coconut oil, rub into hair and scalp and relax for 10 minutes while enjoying the magic of coconut. A cheap and effective hair treatment without an expensive visit to the salon!

7. Vaseline body lotion (Under R 50 available at all major retail outlets): My family has always used and adored vaseline products. It is a trusted brand that has been around for hundreds of years (maybe?). I find it especially worth the pennies because the size of the bottle is fairly reasonable and it works, works works. Available in many variants and sizes, you cannot go wrong with vaseline. Keeps skin looking great for hours!

8. Oh so heavenly handwashes (R10 available from Clicks): Call me OCD, Clean freak, whatever. I need to always keep my hands clean and free of germs 24/7. Often it's not always possible to get to a tap and I do not always have soap handy. So, I keep a stash of 10 of these at home. Even got hubby addicted now, lol. Love my handwash and so handy too. Smells great and no water needed. Squeeze onto your hands keep your paws clean!

9. Mandy's Hot wax Mug (R 60-R 80 available at all major retail outlets): Keeping your skin, especially underarms, legs hair-free is a tough job but Mandy's makes the job soooo much easier. I buy one of these mugs once a month and can get at least 3 uses out of it before discarding the mug. Keeps my skin hair free for at least 4 weeks before another wax treatment is needed.

10.  Last but not least, my hair care. Protein feed banded conditioner and shampoo pack (Under R 100 at all major retail outlets). Love this shampoo, especially when money is tight. It usually comes in a classic combo set and its lasts for about two months before I need another one. I love the smell and it keeps my hair looking and feeling full of life for days!

So, there you have it. My top 10 beauty buys to survive during tough economic conditions.


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Top 10 Beauty Budget buys.

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