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Breast Cancer Awareness Month #ThinkPink

Every goddess has an Achilles' heel and in our quest to be all that we can be, Foschini and the formidable #FashionFriendsSA are encouraging all women to make the health of their breasts a priority. A lot of brave mothers, wives and sisters have fought bravely against breast cancer, some have won and some have lost living vacant spaces in the hearts of many.

In honour of my mother and my great-aunt whom we lost to breast cancer as well as all those heroines that continue to fight, we refuse to be silent. This month of October we are talking breasts, touching breast and supporting all causes that empower women in the fight against this disease.

Whatever shape or size your cleavage may be, get to know each lump that makes your breast that knowledge can save your life and with that in mind, I am booking my mammogram this month.

Feel yourself and feel a friend, in each other we have strength, love and compassion.

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