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Bounce Off! Beautyblender vs Ubu Blender Baby

Bounce Off! Beautyblender vs Ubu Blender Baby

 It’s suede and pink and one helluva make up sponge . . . it’s the famous and expensive Beautyblender.

This teardrop shaped applicator revolutionized the make up world and it’s made my life a bit easier too . . . but what about Ubu?

There are so many Beautyblender dupes out there. Some are super cheap and nasty and others, like the Ubu Blender Baby  is on another level totally!


For a long time, I put off buying the Beautyblender because it wasn’t easily accessible to me in South Africa. Then I saw that stocked them so I bought one and the matching cleanser.

Also, make up sponge applicators really do not interest me, as I prefer using brushes. (Even though I used cosmetic sponges all the time when I was studying make up artistry and will still have to use them again when I sit exams. Cross your fingers, I’m going for my ITEC make up qualification soon)

But I decided to test both out for you BB beauties to see if the Beautyblender lives up to the high price tag!

Let’s see, are you truly getting bang for your buck?


First of, both are latex free (I can’t help but feel like that sounds wrong), non-allergenic and odour free.

Shape: The main difference is that the Beautyblender is teardrop-shaped and the other a bottle gourd shape. The tip of the Beautyblender is slightly sharper at the tip, which gives it a slight edge over the Ubu make up sponge.

That said, this really doesn’t matter much because they both allow you to get into the hard to reach places of you face like the inner corner of you eyes, the sides of you nostrils the tip of your nose and blends foundation into your hairline (so you don’t look like you’re wearing a mask) and all the other nooks and crannies you just found out you had after 20 years.

The other difference is that the Ubu Blender Baby as a flat base, which allows you to cover a larger surface area, but it doesn’t allow you to bounce the make up into the skin like the rounded base of Beautyblender, which allows you to roll and bounce the product into the skin at the same time, giving you a slightly more polished finish.





Size: First off, when dry they are the same size, when damp, they swell up to the same size, so size does not matter here.



Both sponges give off flawless finish when blending in foundation highlighters a, cream highlighter and contour creams, cream colour bases and concealer.

Both these are guys blend make up smoothly like papaya and strawberries in a smoothie maker.

I have always used brushes to apply concealer because I thought it was the best method but after I used the Beautyblender, I realized I was wrong. .  And I haven’t been wrong since 2001, so that’s HUGE!

When applying concealer I apply with concealer with a concealer brush but blend it out with the fine tip of a damp Beautyblender and the concealer melts into you skin with gently bouncing motion and using the tip to get into the inner corners of my eyes. It blends in seamlessly, no streaking, no tugging just an even beautiful finish. What are you getting? The maximum effect with almost no damage. Hey, sometimes I use a heavy hand . . . I have my moments J

It’s also great for sheering out creamy concealers so they are easier to work with.


Texture: The Beautyblender has suede like texture while the Ubu Blender Baby is not quite as velvety. No a huge biggie.

Cleaning: I used the Beautyblender cleanser on both, but the scent of that cleanser is awful. Gag attack worthy!  A mild shampoo and water will do just as well.

The Beauty Blender comes in super cute packaging, but at the end of the day, it makes no sense when you can’t store it in there.

The Ubu Blender Baby is far more practical, simple and bold.

The thing with both the Beautyblender and the  Ubu Blender Baby is that it with not last you forever like a well-maintained MAC brush, so get the thoughts of keeping it as an heirloom out your head!

It will lose it pretty pink and purple colour after a couple months and wear out.

Because the Beautyblender is so pricey, I fear I may tear though it when my nails are long.  And seriously, I won’t handle a make up song like a fragile crystal goblet. I need to work the sponge with out fear that it may tear. With the Ubu Blender Baby it’s studier and the gourd shape allows you to hold the sponge around the ‘bottle neck ’ part. Big score for Ubu on that!

Both sponges achieve great results and are on par for the most part.

I’d be lying if I told you that the Beauytblender isn’t a superior quality sponge and will probably last longer than the Ubu Blender Baby with proper care  . . . but not by a year. The differences I’ve mentioned are really nit picking.

These guys are on par in terms of performance.  The big issue here is the price. .


Price: R299 for a single Beautyblender

Beautyblender cleanser: R219 for 150ml

Ubu Blender Baby R99 at Clicks

That’s a R200 saving.

Verdict Get the Ubu Blender Baby, you save and won’t compromise on quality. It works great!

Really, really

I'd like to know, your experiences with these sponges or if you have better alternatives. Let me know :)




Beauty Bugle

Ps I have a full review of the Beauty Blender on my website. Check it out if you want. Address on my profile:) 







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