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Body Beautiful: my regimen (Age 20's)

Body Beautiful: my regimen (Age 20's)

Hello Lovelies! It’s Body Month on here on Beauty Bulletin and as such, it’s time to share some body tips with you guys, yay!

I’m 27 years old (I’ll be 28 soon, hooray) and body products have always been sort of an obsession of mine, lol. The birthday gifts I’ve always loved the most are those that come in the form of lotions, scrubs and washes in smells like papaya, pomegranate and mango. While I’m neither someone who prefers a morning shower to an evening one, my evening shower time is the time when I break out all my yummy lotions and potions. It’s one of the few times of day when I’m wholly cut off from everyone and everything else and I can simply indulge and enjoy my time alone.

My skin is pretty sensitive and I’m prone to random attacks of itchy skin, so I have to be careful about using products that are too heavily fragranced or rich in texture. During the summer months, I don’t wear body lotion during the day as it’s simply too much for my skin. If I start to sweat that means I’m going to itch and that is not fun. So summer months, during the day = no body lotion. My skin just can’t handle it. It’s also why I prefer using lotion as opposed to cream on my skin at night, lotion being a lot less rich and thus less itchiness. 



I try to use a body brush about once a week as well, to get rid of any flakiness in my skin and to stimulate blood circulation as well. If I don’t do a dry body brush, I’ll use a body scrub either homemade or store bought. My homemade scrub is a simple mixture of sugar and honey and I’ll apply it in circular motions all over. This I’ll do in the shower and rinse it off immediately and make sure to rinse It off well. After my shower (usually with shower gel and a loofah. My favourite shower gel at the moment is a pomegranate one by Herbal Natural) I will apply body lotion from top to toe. I either use the Body Shop spa Polynesia Lotus and Frangipani body puree or Herbal Natural Pomegranate body lotion. I love the smells of both and could easily end up eating them, haha.



When applying body lotion, I try to massage it into my skin immediately after my shower as my pores are open and ready to accept further nourishment from lotion. The massage helps to further relax me and clear my mind and prepare myself for sleep. I don’t forget about my feet and use this time for a brief (but awesome) foot massage. Once a week I’ll give myself a mani and pedi but I get a foot massage nightly, lovely. Depending on the state of my heels (lol) I either use my regular body lotion on my feet or I change it up with Cream la Sante (which is made by Cipla) or Sh’Zen’s overnight foot cream. Before my pj’s, I do a spritz of my favourite perfume.

For overall body beauty and health, I try to take a multi vitamin (notice I say try as I do forget) as well as drink lots of water to regulate all my body functions and I eat as much fruit and veg as I can.

There you go ladies, I won’t say I do anything out of the ordinary but I do try to keep my body in good shape. Speaking of good shape, I need to get back into my workouts again. I’m sure we’ve all been there, haha.

Stay beautiful!


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