Hey all over at beauty bulletin <3

As we all know seasonal changes can be a nightmare too!

Many suffer from seasonal associated sinusitis problems, in which leaves me with dry lips and eyes especially during winter and spring times.

Would love to urge you all to keep stay warm and keep moisturized during these time :)

As said above, ,my lips and eyes suffer the most and i'm yet to find a solution for my eyes, but however i have definitely found a solution for my lips and i couldn't boast about it any more!

This is the fourth winter i turn back to my Blistex Daily Lip Protection.

With added sun protection of SPF 20 in the balm you can be rest assured that your lips will be protected and moisturized all day!

I have in the pass and currently used many other balms, lip sticks, lipe-ice you name it, none of which treats my lips to my satisfaction.

Stockits: Dischem Pharmacy, Clicks, and a few other retail outlets.


I hope this helps, let me know if you have tried this or not, or simply if you can recommend any other products for me to try , or products that are working for you :)

Have a beautiful day .


Disclaimer: Picture is my own and taken by me.