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Bleach Blonde Hair and how to take care of it

Bleach Blonde Hair and how to take care of it

I recently cut and bleached my hair blonde (platinum now after the last visit to the salon). One thing I have learnt about hair bleaching, is that it makes the hair dry!. You would think I would know that before I went ahead with it. Having an already dry afro, I had to figure out how to sort out the dryness fast before I lost my hair to breakage.

Some tips on what I have learnt on taking care of the blonde coils:

Conditioning is your friend:

Bleaching lifts the cuticles of your hair, meaning rapid moisture loss. Conditioning your hair is important to add back the moisture.

I made the mistake of not giving my hair a good deep conditioning treatment before bleaching so my hair was super dry after bleaching. Deep conditioning is a must every time you wash your hair. I usually use the Tresemme Luxurious Moisture Conditioner. I make sure to add castor oil to the mix and use it as a mask. I then put this on my hair, comb it through and and put on a shower cap. I do this overnight and the next morning, my hair is softer and has much more moisture. If you don't have time for an overnight do, it is still important to condition your hair. A good deep condition treatment is the Aussie 3 minute miracle.

A leave in conditioner is good for your hair. Just a little goes a long way. You can use a bit of your wash out, watered down to leave into your hair. 

LOC Method

Never have I ever understood and appreciated the Liquid, Oil Cream method, as I did now. Once I have applied my leave-in, which acts as a liquid, I seal that with oil. My preferred oil is olive or castor oil, but many people swear by coconut oil. Argan oil is another of my favourites and leaves my hair  feeling soft (the best thing about it is that is also has heat protectant properties). I then follow up with a hair butter or cream. Usually the Dark and lovely Amla One million wrap cream is great. All together this method helps thirsty hair.

Protein Treatments

Hair is made up of protein, so when it is weakened, it needs an extra injection of protein to add strength and prevent hair breakage and loss. Keratin treatments and shampoos are a readily available for this step. Another way of adding protein in a natural way, is by adding egg your conditioner and doing a deep condition. Make sure to NOT overdo the protein as this can also leave your hair hard and make it break easily. the best is to do it it once a month, or fortnightly.

No Heat Diet

Lay off the heat! Your hair is already in a weak state. The best way to stretch hair without causing more damage is by using other heat-less methods. Doing twists overnight, or banding the hair can do just a good a job without doing as much damage.


I am still learning a lot more about taking care of the bleached blonde, but I am enjoying the ride a little more. You can still enjoy healthy and shiny hair, even though it has gone through crazy processes. That is the joy of taking care of your hair. And what is the use of having all that hair and not having fun?

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