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Black & White Striped Nail Art

I was really thinking a long time on what mani to create for my first nail art look of the year and decided on a black and white look seeing that it's my favourite combination. I also decided to include some stripes into the look as it's not something I've really done before.

Here is how you can create this look:

Step 1 – Start by painting the base nail polish on your nails. Paint your thumb, index and pinky finger black and your ring and middle finger white.
Step 2 – Next take your nail art tape (a very thin one) and place the tape over your index finger nail. This will create a striped effect. Paint over the tape and your nail with a white nail polish.

Step 3 – While you wait for the nail polish to dry on that nail (which can take some time) start painting polka dots on your pinky and thumb nail.
Step 4 – Allow your nails to dry a bit to avoid smudging and repeat Step 2 on your ring finger nail. Instead just paint the nail with a black nail polish.
Step 5 – While you wait for your nail polish to dry, paint a small heart in the corner of your middle finger nail.
Step 6 – Once you are sure that your nail polish is dry, remove the nail art tape carefully and seal the look with a clear top coat.

What I used:

White polish: Essence The Gel Nail Polish 33 wild white ways
Black polish: Essence The Gel Nail Polish 46 black is back
Nail art tape: Essence Holo Stripes Nail Art Stickers

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