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Black Tie Dress Code for Women

Black Tie Dress Code for Women

How well do you know dress codes for women? Even though these are not as common as they used to be, you could still one day end up with an invitation to attend a black tie event. If that happens, do you know what you should wear? Yes, an elegant dress is an answer, but do you know what length it should be and what shoes you should get? Even if you're confused, and probably a bit intimidated by this at the moment, you should know that it's easy to learn the rules. Here's what black tie dress code for women means:

Learn the basics

Black tie dress code is going to be applicable when you're invited to a social function that starts after 6 pm. It might be a formal occasion and a chance to shine, but you should still avoid dresses that are too tight or have a really dramatic split because these might be appropriate on a celebrity that's attending a red-carpet event and not a formal wedding or a gala. Not to mention that these are uncomfortable. Make sure your dress is either full- or knee-length and refrain from showing too much décolletage. Pants are also acceptable, yet they shouldn't be too form-fitting.

The appropriate length
We mentioned that your dress should be below the knee, but you can also pull off a knee-length dress. It's very important that the dress is appropriate when you're sitting down, so even an inch above the knee can make you uncomfortable at such an event. Take your height and shape into account when you're buying elegant evening dresses: taller women look great in maxi dresses, while those smaller among us can pull off a midi length dress with ease. If midi length is what you prefer, pick something in the style of 1950s, and with full-length gowns, look for something that will accentuate your waist.
Pick the right colors

When it comes to colors, people always worry that the only option is to wear black, but it's not the case. You can wear pretty much any color, even though it's a good idea to keep them rich and muted. You will never be wrong with black, but jewel tones, as well as chic metallics, work great too. If you were hoping to wear something with a print, you could do that too, but try to keep it discreet. Minimalist floral prints are appropriate and elegant, and they can work with a lot of different accessories. It's best if you steer clear of stripes, multicolored pieces, as well as huge prints.

The right shoes

Remember that this is as fancy and formal as it gets, so flats aren't exactly an option. If you're not comfortable wearing high heels, a micro kitten heel is a good idea. Wedges are also not fitting, so leave them behind together with flat sandals. Instead, get strappy sandals or stick with simple nude or black stilettos or even pumps.

When you need to cover up

Almost as a rule, the most formal events will take place in cold weather, so you have to think about a way to keep warm and still dress formal. This means that your favorite cardigan and denim jacket should be left at home. Instead, try investing in a fur coat (or faux fur) coat or jacket or perhaps you could get a classic overcoat. It's also a good idea to have a chic shawl or perhaps a simple cashmere wrap with you if the event is taking place in spring or at a venue with really good air condition. You don't want to be cold, but you still want to look good, so try to find something that will complement your outfit rather than clash with it.

Even though you're more likely to be invited to a formal wedding than to a dinner at the White House, it's always good to know the dress code. When you do so, you will not be anxious or insecure when you get invited to an event that requires attire that's more formal than usual. Remember that this is one of those moments when you're not only allowed to look fancy and even regal, but that's actually required.

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