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Best Skin Care Options for Problematic Skin

The skin is the largest organ on our bodies and besides being incredibly important for our health and protection, it is also the one thing that is very tightly linked to our self-esteem. When our skin isn't looking or feeling well, we're probably feeling even worse. And while there are some things that you can control with different routines, the state of our skin is mostly influenced by genetic and environmental factors. However, we still need to take care of it, even if we know that it will never be completely smooth and photoshopped. So let's see how you should be taking care of your skin.


If you live in an urban area, all chances point to you probably not having the cleanest skin. The air is polluted and everything we touch with our hands is probably filthy, and that filth gets into our pores a lot more than we think. Not to mention the makeup we apply is often treated by our skin the same way as dirt is, and in the long run, it's only making things worse. Every morning and evening, you should be cleansing your skin with a mild cleanser and lukewarm water. Only exfoliate your skin every third day, and use a mild exfoliator. Taking off too many layers of skin by exfoliating too often with harsh particles will leave you feeling sore and your skin too tender.

Specific skincare

We're all becoming increasingly aware of the fact that we are all different, and so is our skin, so when picking out our skincare products, we need to be aware of the fact that even if a certain product helped your friend who has oily skin, you have different skin and might need different products. This is especially important if you have "problematic" skin that needs extra care to reduce inflammation or the appearance of acne. If that is the case, you want to make sure you're using specialized acne skin care, and if you notice that it doesn't soothe your skin, don't wait until you've used it all up, get another brand. Look for products that have been dermatologically tested and that don't promise instant miracle results. Taking care of your skin is a process.

Natural ingredients

The products we use are often full of man-made chemicals that might seem to be doing us some good, but are in reality dangerous and are harming our skin. Always look for products that are organic, natural and vegan, if not entirely, then as much as possible, because these products use chemicals from nature that help push your skin to recover itself instead of attacking it from the outside.

Minimally invasive procedures

No, you don't have to go under the knife or soak your skin in chemicals to help repair it. One great option is a procedure called microneedling. It uses your own body's ability to produce collagen to help repair your skin. How? Tiny needles are rolled over the skin to create microwounds and trigger the skin's healing process that will not only close up those wounds, but also help get rid of acne, scarring, discoloration and plenty of other skin issues. Make sure you are not overdoing it with the procedures, give your skin time to rest and react, and even though there are at-home kits being sold for this procedure, you want to be getting it done in a professional salon, especially if you have problematic skin.

Remember that the way your skin looks isn't a reflection of your worth and that about 80% of people will experience acne at some point in their lives. While you're working on getting your skin better, you should also work on accepting it as a part of yourself, no matter what its current state is.

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