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Best invention

I was only 9 when my period first started, and my mother never encouraged the use of tampons especially at such a young age.

I was introduced to tampons when I went on holiday with my friends and then my period appeared and almost spoilt my entire girls weekend with a jacuzzi and indoor pool.

My friend handed me a box of tampons without the applicator, she then told me to dip the end of tampon in vaseline in order for it to be more comfortable. I then made two booboes an I already wasted two tampons and then was ready to give up, then just chill around the pool without getting in.

She then explained to me the 'pushup and back' - it worked!

It is the best thing ever! I love it! Since last year I then tried different brands, and then came across this huge box with an applicator. Size definitely mattered as it was scary seeing this big contraption I needed to use...

I used it on a Sat morning (even out of fear due to size) but the best ever was the lubrication. It made it very easy, so comfy that 4 hours later I had to remind myself that I had my period.

I wasnt the lucky one to recieve a pack to review, however I was lucky enough to have had this amazing experiance, and now I dont even worry or feel depressed when my period comes along


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