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Best Beauty Practices - Skin Care @30

Best Beauty Practices - Skin Care @30

I was lucky to escape some of the teenage skin angsts that are a rite of passage for some. Now I am 31 and fairly content with my skin. Having well behaved skin has always been a matter of healthy maintaince. I turned 30 and all of a sudden, boom, I have allergies. Animal and dairy produce are my kryptonite, hormone induced pimples visit my chin monthly without fail leaving me with marks as mementos. I was no longer just a bearer of a combination skin with slight uneven complexion, but I had pimple bumps and eczema to contend with. For the first in my life, I started obsessing over something I’ve mostly taken for granted. Good skin was no longer just a three step affair. Skin as I’ve come to appreciate is complex; mine has evolved and continues to change as I mature. With that said I pray that there is a glimmer of truth in the saying that ‘black don’t crack’ because I refuse to wear my age on my face.

The wisdom in aging is that now I know that environmental factors, diet, exercise and my skin care practises play a major part in how my skin behaves and are not to be taken for granted. Shopping for must-have skin products is still important to me, but I have learned that self-skin diagnosis is not only a disappointing game of chance but can also be a waste of my money when dealing with new skin challenges. Professional assistance is best in such cases, and the lady at the cosmetic counter does not always know best.

I now also know and appreciate the value of a professional skin analyses by a trained beauty therapist. My go-to skin salon is Placecol and I visit them monthly for a fix of beautification. My skin concerns are addressed by a pro, the skin analyses by the beauty therapist detects any other concerns I might have missed to mention and get noted. Relevant and suitable treatments are explained and discussed before I settle on the treatments that meet my needs and my pocket. I am also able to buy skin products that I can use at home with the luxury of knowing that if they do not produce the desired results, I can always return them to the salon for more appropriate replacements. The beauty of reputable and professional skin salons is that they take out the guess work in skin care as well as in purchasing of beauty products and for that peace of mind I am willing to pop out at least R150 a month for a beautiful, healthy, happy skin. 


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