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What more can I say there is nothing more amazing than feeling so confident with one self by wearing such amazing make up that last through out the day not ever fading. When a woman is feeling drop dead beautiful cause of the way she looks and smells there is nothing more irresistible to a person. I absolutely love the Rimmel Lipstick (Pink) along with the gorgeous perfume from Jean Paul Gaultier winning this prize would be so awesome as there is so many products inside it I would be on cloud nine. Ready to conquer the world with all the confidence to enter any room feeling beautiful inside and out. Yes beauty comes from within but as I have come to believe feeling beautiful is a feeling no one can take from a person #LipstickEffect #Confident #Beautiful #Awesome #Gorgeous #Amazing #Feeling #Absolutely 

The Drastic Effect Of Eyeliner In My Life
The #LipstickEffect

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